Affordable and clean energy

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

Access to energy has many benefits, as it can support many different sectors such as communication technologies, modern medicine, industrial production, agriculture and in the end, power economy. Even if the supply of energy has improved in recent years, still more than a billion people in the world live without electricity today. Energy demand in industrialised countries such as the USA and Germany has increased, and as fossil fuels are used as a primary source for electricity production, harmful greenhouse gasses are released into the atmosphere causing climate change, and ultimately affecting everyone.

SDG7 aims to provide access to electricity worldwide and to improve the energy infrastructure, especially in the least developed countries. The global economy also needs to rethink and significantly reduce its energy consumption, as well as develop and invest in technology for renewable energy such as wind, sun and water. The efforts made so far are not sufficient to double the energy efficiency by 2030, as it is planned.