Industry Innovationand infrastructure

Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Roads, electrical power, water lines as well as communication networks, are all part of a country's infrastructure. A weak infrastructure will hinder economic growth and development. In many less developed countries, there is hardly any industry, and many people still don’t have access to proper sanitation. Agriculture needs an extensive and stable infrastructure to produce, process and transport the goods. Many infrastructure projects all over the world have not been planned sustainably, and they often have adverse effects on residents and nature. Due to poor or expensive internet connections, many people lack access to relevant information, and therefore economic growth and technical innovation are unattainable.

Sustainable industrialisation makes a major contribution to economic growth by creating employment opportunities, and it is of crucial importance for protecting the environment. Especially in rural regions of many developing countries, there is an urgent need to expand the infrastructure, and modify the existing one to make it sustainable. By 2020, information and communication technologies should be significantly improved to reach as many people as possible worldwide. Research and innovation must be continuously promoted to a greater extent in developing countries.