Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Production and consumption patterns of food have far-reaching effects all over the world. Our energy consumption has a clear impact on the climate and destroys many natural resources. Goods are often produced in other countries under poor working conditions and usually by burning fossil fuels, overexploiting natural water resources. In developed countries, vast amounts of food end up in waste bins. As more people are expected to join the middle class in the future, energy consumption and waste generation are also likely to increase.

"Less is more" is the motto of this goal. Industry, consumers, politics, science and many others must rethink their use of natural resources and adapt to more sustainable lifestyles. Consumers have the power for making changes: if they buy goods that are produced in environmentally friendly and humane ways, the economy will follow suit and produce more sustainably. However, politics plays a crucial role: it must gradually end its subsidisation of fossil fuels and make its public procurement sustainable.